How much is a vinyl wrap on my car?
There are several factors that vary the cost of a wrap. These include the type of material used, the vehicle make and model, the amount of material used and the design time to create the design on commercial vehicles. All of our prices include design and artwork costs.
A typical one-colour wrap using our top quality 3M vinyls, can start from as little as $3600 + gst and go up to as much as $6000 + gst, depending on the size and model of your vehicle.
All vehicles need to be seen either in person or through pictures before an accurate price can be given.  All quotes via phone or email are estimates only until vehicle is sighted.

How long will the vinyl wrap last?
Typically, here in Melbourne most vinyl wraps should last at least 3 years, however it depends on several factors such as the skill level of the installer, exposure to the weather, the type of vinyl used and how well you take care of the wrap. We see many of our customers vehicles still in perfect condition after 5+ years with some coming back after 8 years to update and re-fresh their vehicle signage.
Our main vinyl suppliers (3M and Avery) suggest that the vinyl material will last up to 5 years on vertical surfaces, however some of the specialist products such as chrome have a shorter life expectancy (1-2 years). Horizontal surfaces, such as the bonnet, roof or boot lid of a car, will generally show signs of wear first as they are the areas that take the full brunt of the sun and the rain. You can extend the life of your vinyl wrap through hand washing and storing your car in a garage out of the elements of the weather, as prolonged exposure to the sun and rain is detrimental to the vinyl over time.

Do I need to pay a deposit before I get my car wrapped?
We require a 50% deposit on all jobs before we can secure the booking, with the remaining payment required upon completion.

Will a vinyl wrap damage the paint on my car?
Assuming the car has original paintwork and that the paintwork is in good condition, then there is very little chance that the wrap will damage the paintwork. The paint under the wrap is actually protected from the harsh UV rays of the sun, exposure to the elements, and minor scratches, however if your vehicle has been repainted then there is no guarantee that the paint will be perfect when you remove the vinyl wrap.

How long will it take to wrap my car?
We typically need the vehicle for around 5-6 days to complete the installation on a full car wrap, and usually 3-4 days on a half wrap, depending on the vehicle model/size etc
The entire design process can take as little as a day or two, to a couple of weeks, it all depends on how intricate the design is or how many changes the customer has.
Our typical vehicle wrap process (design, print & installation) takes around 2 weeks from acceptance of artwork to completion of wrap, depending on our installation schedule aswell.

Can i wrap my car if I have scratches, dents or any damage to the body?
Unfortunately the wrap process is not intended to cover paintwork that is in bad condition. A great wrap needs to be applied over a great paint job, as the wrap will not hide any flaws in the paint. In fact all imperfections in the paint such as stone chips, scratches, dents, etc. will show right through the wrap, and we tend not to accept vehicles in these conditions.  Also, any loose or flaking paint on a vehicle is detrimental to the success of the wrap. In these cases there can be adhesion failures as the vinyl sticks to the paint but the paint is no longer sticking to the vehicle.
Each vehicle is photographed thoroughly upon delivery to our premises to ensure a smooth and enjoyable handover once completed.

Can you design our vehicle wrap or do i have to provide the artwork?
Our experienced designers will work with you to create designs that range from simple, solid colors to very detailed designs. The design process involves several stages and revisions to ensure that you are totally happy with the design before we move the job into the production stage. We also require acceptance of quote before ANY artwork can commence to cover our time spent on designs and changes.  If artwork is supplied, we ask it is print-ready, to scale and all in high resolution files including EPS, PDF or TIFF, or further design time will be needed to setup correctly.

Does the price change depending on the colour of vinyl I want my vehicle to be wrapped?

Our quoted prices for vinyl wraps includes a range of colours from our 3M vinyl range including plain colours, metallics, matte and satin colour.  Chromes, carbon fibre or all special order films will increase the price overall as these are more expensive materials to order.